Man on Drugs Accused of Spitting in Teenager’s Face, Smacking his Genitals on a Shop Counter and Laughing While He Walked Away in Bizarre Crime Spree

A man who was high and drunk reportedly repeatedly smacked his penis on a shop counter in a series of bizarre crimes. 

David Ryan Mohan, 28, reportedly spent his new inheritance on alcohol and crack cocaine. He then went out in his drunken stupor into a shop, where he began to expose and play with himself. 

From there, Mohan reportedly repeatedly smacked his genitals on the shop’s counter, before laughing and leaving the store. He then returned months later to the store, where he had been banned, spitting on the shop clerk. Shortly after this, he went up to a teenage girl outside, who had previously reported him to police, spitting in her face and trying to take her phone. 

In court, Mohan did not dispute any of the charges, which included two assaults, two criminal damage charges, exposure, using threatening or abusive words, failing to surrender to court bail and breaching a conditional discharge. He instead mitigated the crimes, saying that he had reformed his life in recent weeks, including fathering a child with his partner.

Mohan was given a restraining order against the shop owner and the teenage girl, each for two years, an 18 month community order with 20 rehabilitation days and a six month alcohol treatment program. 

He was also ordered to pay £525 compensation, £705 costs, and fined £140.

Source: Drug user repeatedly smacked his penis off shop counter before laughing as he left the store – Teesside Live

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