Teen Says His Dog Gave Him LSD After he Sexually Assaults Teacher and Tries to Strangle Nurse

A 15-year-old Ohio boy was arrested after he allegedly attacked several school officials and a nurse last week. The teen blamed the outburst on having taken LSD, which he claimed his dog gave him, police said.

A teacher at Liberty High School in Youngstown was heard by a school security official screaming for help. According to authorities, the boy started “mumbling about breasts” and making little sense. “Come here, b**ch,” the suspect said to another school official. He then fondled “her buttocks and breasts.” While in a police car, the boy “began licking the windows,” authorities said. At the hopital, the boy “tried to strangle a nurse with her stethoscope,” police said.  He reportedly told hospital personnel that he was given LSD by his dog.

Source: Report: Liberty student, on LSD, attacked and grabbed staffers’ breasts

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