New Details Revealed in Deadly Shooting near Penn State University

New details have emerged about the events leading up to a shooting rampage that occurred near the Penn State campus on Thursday night.

Jordan Witmer, 21, was reportedly at the P.J. Harrigan’s Bar and Grill at the Ramada Hotel near the Penn State campus drinking with a friend. The two reportedly had been drinking for “a while” when Witmer decided to go up to the Beachys, a father and son from Ohio. 

The Beachys had been in the area for an animal auction. Police say that they had possibly interceded in an argument that Witmer had prior, but say that they are not entirely certain why he opened fire with a handgun on them.

Dean Beachy, 61, died at the bar after being shot in the head. His son, 19-year-old Steven Beachy, died later Friday from a gunshot wound. Nicole Abrino, the friend Witmer was drinking with, was also shot in the incident, but her condition is not known. 

Witmer then drove his car from the scene, crashing it, and killing 83-year-old George McCormick after storming into his home. Witmer then turned the gun on himself, shooting through his head. It appears that the home was chosen at random, though it is not clear why he shot McCormick. 

Witmer reportedly had the firearm with a legal carry permit, and was legally allowed to have weapon inside the bar. 

Source: Details emerge about shooting rampage near Penn State

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