Florida Woman Accused of Dancing Naked Outside Waffle House and Licking an Employee’s Face

A Florida woman was arrested after she reportedly danced naked outside of a Waffle House and licked an employee’s face in Pensacola.

Freedom Ryder Zobrist, 38, was reportedly kicked out of the restaurant after she was harassing employees. She then returned and threatened them, saying that she would get a gun and shoot them all. The employee she had focused the most on then contacted the sheriff’s department.

At this point the woman began to take her clothes off and dance in front of the Waffle House. She also came over to the employee and grabbed his genitals, as well as licking him on the face and poked his chest.

Zobrist was arrested on charges of indecent exposure, simple assault, battery and disturbing the peace.

Source: Florida woman danced naked outside Waffle House, licked employee’s face, deputies say | WFTV

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