United Airlines Accused of Covering Up Shattered Windshield Incident

A United Airlines passenger has reportedly accused the company of trying to cover up a shattered windshield incident from this past October. 

United, according to the new lawsuit filed by Theodore Liaw, reportedly had a 767 flight need to make an emergency landing after the windshield began to splinter in the cockpit at 40,000 feet. The lawsuit states that the passengers were told that a “bird hit the windshield,” which prompted the immediate descent into Goose Bay Airport in Newfoundland, Canada.

However, the suit continues, saying that Liaw spoke with the plane’s pilots after the flight, who reportedly laughed, saying “there’s nothing alive at 40,000 feet.” They went on to reportedly tell him that it was most likely caused by a mechanic over-tightening windshield bolts.

Liaw is suing the company for negligence, claiming that he hurt his back and has suffered reoccurring nightmares from the incident. United Airlines commented, saying the following:

“Safety is our top priority and we diverted the aircraft due to an issue with the cockpit window. The aircraft landed safely, and we are continuing to investigate this matter. Due to the pending litigation, we’re unable to comment further.” 

Source: United Airlines Passenger Sues Claiming Airline Covered Up Shattered Window

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