Florida Couple Accused of Defrauding $4 Million to Purchase Gold, Silver, Guns, and Ammunition in Preparation for “The Fall of the U.S. Government”

A Florida couple have been accused of defrauding Swisher Sweets International for $4 million.

The couple, Gretchen and Richard Camp, pleaded not guilty to fraud and money laundering. Gretchen, an employee of Swisher Sweets, allegedly created and paid bogus invoices from a Macon, Georgia-based company called Lodge and Anchor, which is owned by a close friend of the suspects.

Her husband then used these funds to buy a farm in Georgia, as well as gold, silver, several cars, guns, and ammo. The two say that they did this to prepare for the “fall of the U.S. government.”

Source: Couple accused of $4 million fraud ‘preparing for the fall of the US Government’ – ABC News

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