Man Upset Over His Virginity Reportedly Planned Mass Shooting, “Killing as Many Girls as I see”

A man in Utah was arrested after he reportedly was planning and threatening to commit a mass shooting over his virginity and lack of a girlfriend.

Christopher W. Cleary, 27, wrote he wanted to be “the next mass shooter,” because he had never had a girlfriend and he was still a virgin. Court documents show that Cleary wanted to “make it right” with the women that had rejected him and that he was “ready to die” to get it done.

Cleary, who is from Denver, Colorado, was arrested in Utah after Denver police and the FBI helped to track him down. He was charged with suspicion of a felony threat of terrorism. Cleary admitted to making the posts, but said he deleted them after receiving threats in response.

He also told investigators he had an impulse-control disorder and was suicidal. He is expected to be extradited to Colorado.

Source: Man, 27, Upset Over Virginity Arrested in Utah After Allegedly Threatening to Kill ‘as Many Girls as I See’ | KTLA

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