Carjacker “Apparently Unfamiliar with how Cars Work” Fails Vehicle Theft Attempt

A carjacker in Pittsburgh was apparently unable to figure out the basics of driving during his failed vehicle theft attempt. 

The man, who was not named, reportedly approached a car parked outside a home where the driver’s friend was delivering food to his grandmother. The carjacker forced him out of the vehicle using a gun, and climbed into the car.

However, it was at this point that the inexperience of the carjacker began to show. Police say that he revved the engine multiple times in an attempt to drive away, but never took the car out of park.

Police discussing the incident stated that the suspect was “apparently unfamiliar with how cars work, because the vehicle was in park the whole time.” He was able to flee on foot after giving up on the difficult task. 

Source: Carjacker “apparently unfamiliar with how cars work” fails at attempt to steal vehicle

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