Utah Real Estate Agent Killed While Trying to Evict Tenants

A Utah real estate agent was allegedly shot and killed by tenants he was trying to evict. His body was found inside a crawl space in the apartment.

David Stokoe had gone to the Salt Lake City home Thursday after letting his renters know they needed to be out by 6 p.m. His body was found the next day. One of the tenants, Manuel Velasquez, told police he got into a fight with Stokoe because the landlord kicked the door and put him into a “very serious” chokehold. Velasquez told police that he grabbed a handgun inside the fannypack he was wearing and shot Stokoe multiple times.

Source: Utah real estate agent allegedly shot and killed while trying to evict tenants. His family will hold a vigil Monday. – The Salt Lake Tribune

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