Man and Woman in Double Suicide at New York Hotel, Left Tip for Housekeeper Who Discovered Bodies

A man and woman committed suicide together at a Manhattan hotel on Thursday. David Koenig, 33, and Ellen O’Meara, 30, were said to be platonic friends before they suffocated themselves using nitrous oxide and a shared plastic bag at the Yotel Hotel in midtown Manhattan. Friends said that the two were deeply depressed and that they were saddened but not surprised to hear of their suicide.

Koenig and O’Meara left a note and a stack of ten $20 bills for the housekeeper who discovered them. The door to the 18th-floor room was blocked off with a plastic sheet, with a note that read, “Don’t look behind the curtain. We’re dead. This is for you,” along with the money.

Source: Suicide pair were friends who ‘knew they were going to die together’

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