Woman Accused of Faking Autism so She Could Sexually Assault Caregiver

A woman from Pearland, Texas, is accused of faking autism so that she could sexually assault a caregiver, according to police.

Rachel Childs, 29, is accused of lying to a caregiver, pretending that she had a twin sister with autism, when in reality it was herself. The caregiver would follow the instructions and pick up her “twin” to spend the night at their house.

The caregiver then got suspicious when the “sister” began to act in “sexually oriented conduct.” She then looked into Childs’ background, discovering that she was an only child and reported her to police.

Investigators say Childs came up with the elaborate hoax for sexual gratification and was actually pretending to be autistic. They also believe there may have been other victims of a similar type of scheme.

Source: Pearland woman faked autism so she could sexually assault caregiver, police say | khou.com

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