Man Accused of Stabbing Woman in a Wheelchair over 100 Times; claims that “Jesus forgives me”

A man from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is accused of stabbing a woman in a wheelchair 116 times.

Kehinde Afolayan, 31, was arrested after he reportedly stabbed the 62-year-old over 100 times, partially disemboweling her. When police arrived, they found the woman covered in blood and lying motionless in her wheelchair.

They then saw Afolayan come downstairs with a blood-stained white undershirt and he was promptly arrested. Police arrainged for a helicopter to come and pick the woman up, but she passed away before the aircraft was able to arrive.

An autopsy revealed that she suffered 116 stab wounds — 48 to the chest, 50 to the abdomen and 18 to the arms, shoulder and hands.

Police were unable to identify Afolayan for an extended period of time do to his inability to communicate, as he kept muttering phrases such as “Jesus forgives me.”

Source: ‘Jesus forgives me:’ Prosecutors say South Milwaukee man stabbed woman in wheelchair 116 times |

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