American Airlines Passenger Claiming Flight Attendant Punched Him in the Head, Caused Brain Injury

An American Airlines passenger has filed a lawsuit against the airline claiming that a flight attendant punched him in the face and head while he was traveling from Charlotte, N.C., to Philadelphia last year.

Gregory Lagana filed the complaint in the U.S. District Court of New Jersey on Friday, detailing the assault allegedly involving Lance Wiley, the flight attendant. According to the lawsuit, the Lagana claims that Wiley attacked him while he was in his seat with a seatbelt on. The attendant came down the aisle with a drink cart and the two allegedly argued about Lagana’s drink order. “As a result of the accident, plaintiff suffered severe, serious and permanent personal injuries, as well as mental and emotional injuries rendering him permanently and severely injured,” according to the lawsuit, USA Today reported. Lagana is seeking $161,000 in damages.

Source: Lawsuit: American Airlines flight attendant punched passenger in face

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