Family Forced to Sit on Plane Floor During Entire Flight After Airline Gave Them Seats that did not Exist

A family was forced to sit on the plane floor throughout a TUI Airlines flight after the airline reportedly allocated them seats that did not exist.

According to the complaint filed, Paula Taylor, 44, her husband Ian, 55, and their daughter Brooke, 10, were forced to sit on the floor during their three hour return flight Menorca to Alcester, Warwickshire, U.K. The three reportedly were early to check-in, then were excited to see they got seats all next to each other. Once boarded, they searched for their seats, but were unable to find them.

It was at this point that flight attendants realized the family had not been given actual seats on the flight, but rather seats 41D, E, and F. These seats never existed on the flight. The attendants then offered the family one of the spare seats, as well as the two jump seats that attendants typically use.

However, later in the flight, they were asked to leave the jump seats because the crew needed to access snacks and beverages for the in-flight service. At this point, they were forced to sit on the floor of the plane for the rest of the flight. At one point, the co-pilot visited them, thanking them for their patience and understanding.

The Civil Aviation Authority is now investigating the incident.

Source: Family forced to sit on plane floor after airline allocated them seats which didn’t exist

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