Panties and Bras Fly From Shoplifter’s Car During High Speed Chase in Indiana

Panties and bras flew out of a car during a 100 mph chase in Indiana as a shoplifter attempted to make her getaway.

34-year-old Holly Sansone was pulled over by police after she shoplifted from a Kohl’s store. Police say she then shrugged her shoulders, saying “I’ve gotta go” before leading them on a high speed chase. Going at speed in excess of 100 mph, Sansone would reportedly weave in and out of traffic.

Eventually, she was taken out by police spike strips laid across a roadway. Police recovered four bras, 14 pairs of panties, two candles and some air freshener refills, all valued at $445.

Source: Panties, bras fly from car during 100 mph chase on Indiana highway | FOX59

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