Ohio School Removes Police Officer After He Gave the Principal a Ticket for Parking in the Handicap Spot

An Ohio school has removed their assigned police officer after the principal was ticketed for parking in handicapped spaces.

The incident occurred at the Jefferson K-8 School in Warren. Officer Adam Chinchik said he saw a car parking repeatedly in a handicapped zone, eventually discovering that it belonged to the principal. After giving several warning, Chinchik eventually ticketed the vehicle, leading to greater issues.

“A citation was issued to the vehicle for the handicapped parking violation. Within one hour, the superintendent had ordered two administrators to go to Jefferson and escort the SRO off the property,” said Michael Stabile, with the Warren police union.

Chinchik can now go to other schools in the district, but Jefferson K-8 has been left without an officer for the time being.

Source: Ohio school removes police officer after principal gets ticket for parking in handicapped space

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