New Jersey “Dr. Marijuana” Suspended After Indiscriminately Referring Thousands of Patients for Medical Marijuana

New Jersey’s “Dr. Marijuana” has been suspended after he indiscriminately referred thousands of patients for medical marijuana.

Anthony Anzalone gave himself the moniker “Dr. Marijuana” after he became one of the first doctors in the state to participate in their medical marijuana program. However, he has now also become the first physician in the program to jeopardize his license after he “indiscriminately” authorized nearly 3,000 patients to have access to medical marijuana, in many cases without even examining them.

“We allege that Dr. Anzalone exploited his patients and the MMP for his own gain, completely disregarding the regulations meant to protect patients and promote the efficacious use of medicinal marijuana,” said Paul Rodríguez, acting director of the Division of Consumer Affairs, in a statement.

Source: ‘Dr. Marijuana’ suspended for indiscriminately referring thousands of patients for medical weed |

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