Florida Woman, 86, Allegedly Beat Husband to Death With Cane

An elderly Florida woman beat her husband to death with a cane on Saturday, police said. Ramona Maxine Lund, 86, from Pace, is charged with 89-year-old Francis Lund’s murder.

Ramona is being held on $250,000 bond in the Santa Rosa County Jail until police can determine whether she suffers from dementia, Santa Rosa County sheriff’s officials said. A neighbor called police after seeing Francis on the floor of the couples front porch while Ramona stood over him, police said. They found parts of a bloody cane on the sofa as well as by the front door. They also discovered a bloody nightgown on the couch and noticed Ramona was covered in blood. Francis’ wounds’ were consistent with being beaten with a cane, officials said.

Source: Florida woman, 86, accused of beating husband, 89, to death with cane

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