Florida Woman Accused of Rubbing Fecal Matter on Park Pavilion to Sabotage Little Girl’s Birthday

A Florida substitute teacher was arrested after she purposely put human fecal matter on a park pavilion in an attempt to ruin a little girl’s birthday party.

42-year-old Heather Carpenter reportedly had an ongoing feud with the principal of a school she had worked at where she filed a complaint. Carpenter felt that the complaint she filed was not properly addressed. She then decided to take the action of putting on a mask and gloves, and going to the park where the principal’s daughter’s birthday party was to occur the next day.

Carpenter then went on to spread human feces over the benches, tables, and grills at the park, meaning that they will now need to be replaced. She later admitted to the crime when confronted by police.

Source: Police: Florida substitute teacher purposely put human fecal matter in Sarasota park pavilion to ruin girl’s birthday party

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