Woman Arrested After Tying Up and Gagging Man with Panties

Angel Vanarman has been arrested in Elkhart, Indiana, on charges of criminal confinement and domestic battery after she allegedly tied up and gagged a man in a hotel room for “talking crap.”

Police were called to the room, and found the man tied up. Vanarman reportedly told police, “I just tied him up, he is being a bad boy.”

The man was found lying by the window with a pair of women’s underwear in his mouth, and tape covering his eyes. He also reportedly had speaker wires and extension cords ran up to his wrists.

When police allegedly asked the man if he had consented to being tied up, he responded “Hell no,” and told police that the woman threatened to kill him with scissors if he didn’t comply.

The two reportedly had been in an off and on relationship over 10 years. The two were intoxicated.


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