Fake Penis Leads to New York Man’s Conviction

A Hague, New York, man who used a prosthetic penis to try to give a fake urine sample for a probation drug test has been sentenced to 3 years probation after his guilty plea to a felony and misdemeanor.

Brad E. Catlin, 42, was arrested in April 2017 after his probation officer caught him using a false instrument to try to provide a urine sample. Per department policy, the officer went with Catlin into a bathroom to witness the sample and he noticed that something appeared​ out-of-the-ordinary. An investigation found that he had a​ liquid that was not his own urine. Prosthetic penises and fake urine can be purchased on the Internet. Catlin was sentenced to 3 years on probation.


Source: Man convicted of using prosthetic penis to give fake urine sample | WNYT.com

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