Washington Father Arrested After Years of Locking His Son Inside a Wooden Box

A father in Seattle, Washington, has been arrested after he allegedly would lock his now five-year-old son in a wooden box for years.

50-year-old Darin Kenneth Nelson was arrested after a tip was given by a Girl Scout Leader that was familiar with the family’s situation. According to the incident report, the father would lock his son inside the box for the past two years whenever he had “behavioral problems.”

His wife has reportedly objected to the idea several times, but Nelson persisted in the punishment. When police searched the home, they were unable to find the box, but noted that it appeared Nelson had altered the home to conceal any evidence of the crime.

In addition to Unlawful Imprisonment – Domestic Violence, Nelson is also charged with Tampering With Physical Evidence.  Both charges are felonies.

Source: Seattle father arrested for locking 5-year-old son in ‘wooden box’ | KIRO-TV

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