Student Drug Dealers to Face No Jail Time after Judge Says He was Impressed by their Grammar

Two students that were dealing drugs in the United Kingdom were spared jail time after the judge at their trial was impressed by the grammar they used in their text messages.

19-year-old Luke Rance would reportedly buy cannabis in bulk and sell it to 21-year-old Brandon Kerrison for him to deal to people in Gower, South Wales. They were caught in December by police on patrol when one of them was seen smoking a marijuana cigarette.

Police then searched their vehicle and found more marijuana in bags, as well as a small amount of cocaine. They moved on to search Rance’s bedroom, where they found two more large bags of marijuana.

In court, the defense made a point to show that the two were students, with Rance starting his degree later in the year. The judge, in his decision, warned the pair of the serious ramifications of what they were doing, but seeing as they had been moving their lives in the right direction since the arrest, and making note of their grammar in the text messages they used to communicate, he decided to let them off without any jail time.

He finished by imposing a 12-month community order with 100 hours of unpaid work on each of the young men. In addition, Kerrison will also have to complete a rehabilitation program.

Source: Student drug dealers spared jail as judge says he was impressed by the grammar in their text messages

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