Man Who was Declared Brain-Dead Wakes up After Family Took Him off of Life Support 

Scott Marr, known as the voice of Creighton basketball for nearly 16 years, is recovering after he was declared brain-dead and was taken off of life support by his family.

Marr was found in his home unconscious and unresponsive on December 12th, and was immediately transported to Methodist Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska. From there, doctors ordered a CT scan, which appeared to show that he had extreme brain swelling, indicating that he may have had a massive brain stem stroke.

Marr’s family was told that he was effectively brain-dead, and made the decision to take him off of life support and begin planning his funeral. They decided to visit him one last time before meeting with companies, when the unexpected happened.

While at the hospital, they noticed he was continuing to breath, despite being off of life support. His daughter said “hi dad” when they saw him, to which he smiled, surprising all of them. They quickly called in a doctor, who tried to assess the situation.

The doctor hit Marr on the chest once, causing him to open his eyes, and then had him squeeze his hand, which he was also able to do. They ordered an MRI, and it showed Scott Marr actually suffered from a rare condition called posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome.

Marr went through some physical therapy, and was able to return to his home on Thursday.

Source: Man earns the name the ‘Miracle Man’ after beating a rare condition and deadly brain swelling

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