Florida Man Fought Off by Elderly 5-Time Kickboxing Champion Who He was Trying to Mug

A Florida man was barely able to escape after he attempted to mug a 68-year-old five-time world kickboxing champion.

68-year-old Steve Shepherd was limping to his car last week, a pulled muscle was ailing him, when he was hit over the head by a mugger with a bottle. The mugger demanded that Shepherd give him his cellphone, which proved to be an ill-fated choice.

Shepherd, though retired for 18 years, has been training to be the world’s oldest professional fighter, and was a five-time kickboxing champion in his earlier career. He hit the mugger with a right cross to his head and then a hook to the attacker’s ribs, sending him to the ground.

Bystanders intervened in the fight, but the mugger was able to escape. Shepherd suffered a ruptured eardrum, a cut and bruise. Police have surveillance video of the attack and are continuing to search for the suspect.

Source: Mugger attacks senior who was a kickboxing champ, loses TKO

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