Emergency Crews Called by Neighbors After Man Heard Repeatedly Screaming “Why don’t you die?” Trying to Kill a Spider

An Australian man who was aggressively trying to kill a spider inside his home prompted neighbors to call authorities after he screamed “why don’t you die?” multiple times.

A neighbor was walking past the home of Rhys Howard when they overheard his screams, as well as those of his child. Howard says that his partner was in the shower when he saw a large spider on the floor, which scared him immediately. He then grabbed a diaper and repeatedly attempted to smash the spider with it, yelling the whole time.

From this, the toddler began to cry and neighbors overheard the commotion, prompting police to be called. His partner, Kara Loran, said she came out to see what was happening and was surprised to see two police officers, as well as Howard shaking.

Police said they were glad for the concern of the neighbors, and that the incident turned out to be so trivial.

Source: Perth man admits he ‘freaked out’ after attempt to kill a spider triggered a full police response – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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