Woman Slams Infant on Ground and Tells Police that She Wished She Had Abortion

An Omaha, Nebraska, mother has been charged with alleged child abuse after she allegedly slammed her 14-month-old daughter onto the sidewalk. Police were called to a store around 1 p.m. Thursday. An employee of the store told police that a woman had taken a child out of her car and slammed her on the sidewalk while still in her car seat.

Police tracked down the woman and asked why she threw the child on the ground. “She said she couldn’t take it anymore and wished that she had had an abortion.”
She told police that she didn’t want the child anymore and wanted to drop her off at a hospital. The child was taken from the mother and put into alternative care.

Source: Woman slams child on ground, tells police she wishes she’d had an abortion | Crime & Courts | omaha.com

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