Goose Found Shot with an Arrow in the Same California Park Where Birds Recently Overdosed on Prescription Pills

A goose has been found shot with an arrow in the same park where birds were recently found overdosed on prescription medication in Huntington Beach, California.

Last week, a Canada goose and a ring-billed gull received IV fluids after both displayed serious overdose symptoms at the park. It is suspected that they ingested prescription pills after hundreds of heart-medication, antidepressant, anti-anxiety, and insomnia pills were found dumped.

This goose was found with a plastic archery arrow shot through its neck. Animal care workers that examined the goose believe it had been flying with the arrow in its neck for about a week, which would place the incident around the same time as the pill dumping.

Authorities say that it is unclear if the incidents are related, but they will continue their investigation into the incidents.

Source: Goose shot with arrow in same park where birds recently overdosed on pills

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