Bodies Found in California Home After Standoff

Police found three bodies inside a home in a gated community in Southern California on Friday night. Police exchanged gunfire with a suspect who had barricaded himself inside the home. The suspect was shot by police and later died at a hospital, KCOY reported.

Authorities were called to the home in Santa Barbara County after a woman entered the home and found a blood-soaked body in a bathtub, then ran out and called 911. Police responding to the scene determined the person inside the home was armed with a rifle. Upon entering the residence, deputies “were in a position where they had to shoot the subject in order to subdue him,” said Kelly Hoover, a Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman.  It was not immediately clear how the three victims found inside the home had died.

Source: Four dead in Orcutt multiple homicide and deputy involved shooting – KEYT

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