Dozens of Rattlesnakes Discovered Underneath Texas Man’s Property

A Texas man says he went outside to work on his property when he discovered several dozen rattlesnakes hiding underneath his shed.

Bobby Cowan and his friends, Matt Stanley and Levi Kirkland, were going out to work on a windmill when they discovered a small rattlesnake slithering away from them. They followed the snake and saw it sneak under his hunting shed. Out of curiosity, they lifted the shed’s floor using a skid loader, only to reveal around three dozen rattlesnakes.

The loud noise of the rattlesnakes caused the mean to drop the floor back down immediately. “We were definitely — what’s the right word — freaked out, maybe,” Cowan said. “Very, very surprised. As soon as we lifted up the building, we slammed it right back down because there were so many of them.”

They opened the floor back up and noticed that the snakes were moving lethargically due to the cooler temperatures and decided that they would be safe so long as they maintained some distance. They then relocated the venomous snakes far away from the inhabited part of his property.

Source: Man discovers dozens of rattlesnakes under building on his property

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