Four Rescued From Abandoned Coal Mine Face Charges

Four people who caused a frantic search after becoming trapped in an abandoned West Virginia coal mine earlier this month now face charges, authorities said.

Eddie Williams, 43, and Cody Beverly, 21, were arrested Friday and charged with breaking and entering for entering the Rock House Powellton mine near Charleston. Williams was also charged with felony conspiracy and giving false information to law enforcement officers. The four went into the mine on Dec. 8 to steal copper wire, but Beverly, Kayla Williams, and Erica Treadway became lost for nearly a week before they were rescued. Williams made his way out after two days and went to authorities.

Williams, who went to authorities Dec. 10, initially told authorities the others went in without him and he went in to search for them, but later admitted the four entered the mine to look for “copper to steal,” authorities said.

Source: Arrest warrants issued for 4 who were trapped in abandoned West Virginia mine

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