Birds Overdose on Prescription ​​Pills in California

Birds acting strangely caught the attention of neighbors in Huntington Beach, California, before people realized that the birds were intoxicated. 

Hundreds of pills were dumped this week at Carr Park. The pills included heart medications, antidepressants, anti-anxiety, and insomnia medications, experts with the nonprofit Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center said. Nobody knows who dumped the pills or when. After showing symptoms of an overdose, the Canada goose and the Ring-billed Gull received IV fluids and by Thursday were doing better, wildlife center staff posted on Facebook.

Experts said that there may be other birds that flew away after ingesting the pills. They urged neighbors to keep an eye out for any more unusual bird behavior.

Source: Goose, Gull Recovering After Eating Prescription Pills Dumped At Huntington Beach Park « CBS Los Angeles

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