Washington Mother Accused of Binding Family With Zip-Ties, Fatally Shooting Daughter

A Seattle, Washington, mother accused of binding her family with zip-ties and shooting her teen daughter been charged with aggravated first-degree murder. She faces a life behind bars without the possibility of parole.

Authorities said Laurel, who is separated from her husband, showed up at the house he shares with their two children late Tuesday evening. Her 12-year-old son was home alone when his mother zip-tied him and then allegedly stuffed a sock in his mouth and taped it shut.

When her ex-husband and 14-year-old daughter returned home, Laurel used a taser on her husband. Their 14-year-old daughter was able to call 911. When officers arrived they found Natalie dead in her bedroom with a gunshot wound to the head.

Source: Mother suspected of killing Renton daughter first zip-tied her son and husband, police say | The Seattle Times

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