Pennsylvania Police Officer Accused of Forcing Women Into Sex after Traffic Stops

A Pennsylvania police officer has been accused of forcing at least two women into sex after traffic stops.

29-year-old Mark Eric Icker is currently in jail on $1 million bail after two women came forward with the claims. According to the first woman, Icker pulled her over, and told her she was driving without registration and that he could smell marijuana in the car. He then asked the woman, “How can you help me help you?” before taking her to the empty police station and having her perform oral sex on him.

When the judge set the abnormally high $1 million bail, an objection was raised by the officer’s attorney, claiming that “he’d never seen $1 million set for anybody.” In response, the judge brushed aside the objection, saying “Your objection’s noted, counselor, I’ve let you speak enough.”

Investigators are continuing to look for any other people who may have been coerced into sex by Icker.

Source: Pa. cop accused of forcing 2 women into sex after traffic stops: Report |

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