Boys Severely ​​Injured after Botched Circumcisions

Two boys almost bled to death from botched circumcisions performed by a Canadian doctor who is now suspended.

Dr. Ejaz Ahmad of Winnipeg pleaded guilty to professional misconduct on October 15 for performing circumcisions on as many as 18 patients when he lacked the training to do the procedures. Several of his young patients ended up in the emergency room with complications.

Two boys were rushed to surgery with potentially life-threatening bleeds. One of whom a portion of his penis was amputated another with arterial bleeding. Both incidents were classified as being a life-threatening condition. Other boys experienced complications like swelling, pain, embedded gauze from improper wound care, possible infections and disfigurement.

Source: 2 boys almost bled to death in botched circumcisions by Manitoba doctor – Eastern Ontario Network

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