Tennessee Man Diagnosed with Human Form of ‘Mad Cow’ Disease

A Tennessee man has been diagnosed with Cruetzfeldt-Jackob Disease. Also known as CJD. It is the human equivalent to Mad Cow Disease. Tony Gibson, 32, was a healthy father until his symptoms began to show one year ago.

His family said that he started acting strangely and that he became very forgetful. “I had to start labeling the rooms in our home. He would get lost going to the grocery store, and someone would call me and say we have your husband,” his wife said. Gibson was eventually diagnosed with CJD.

Patients with the condition can become anxious, depressed, confused, and the disease progresses quickly. There is no treatment and the patients eventually go into a semi-comatose state. CJD can develop randomly, genetically, or after being exposed to infected human tissue during a medical procedure. It is unknown how Gibson got the disease.

Source: Tennessee man diagnosed with human form of ‘mad cow’ disease: What you should know about Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease – ABC News

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