Ford Issues Recall on F-150 and Super Duty Trucks 

Ford has issued a recall for nearly 900,000 F-150 pickup trucks after multiple fires were caused by the engine block heater cable.

The cable is used in colder weather to help the engine to start more efficiently. It is a cord that hangs from the vehicle that is usually plugged into an extension cord leading to the person’s home. Water and contaminants could enter the cable, causing a short, which has led to multiple fires.

The recall involves more than 410,000 vehicles sold in the U.S. and nearly 464,000 in Canada, including the following:

  • 2015-19 F-150 vehicles built at Ford’s Dearborn, Michigan, truck plant between March 18, 2014, and Nov. 17, 2018, and at its Kansas City plant between Aug. 21, 2014, and Nov. 17, 2018.
  •  2017-19 Super Duty vehicles built at Ford’s Ohio assembly plant between Feb. 5, 2016, and Nov. 17, 2018, and at its Kentucky truck plant between Oct. 8, 2015, and Nov. 17, 2018.

Source: Ford truck recall: Ford recalls nearly 900,000 F-150 pickups after fires – CBS News

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