BREAKING: ‘Persons of Interest’ Identified in Gatwick Airport Shutdown

Police have identified “persons of interest” in the drone incident that forced the United Kingdom’s Gatwick Airport to close for 36 hours. Speaking at a press conference on Friday, Assistant Chief Constable Steve Barry said police believe there is more than one device involved, the Guardian reported. There were few details given about the people possibly involded.

“In terms of motivation there is a whole spectrum of possibilities, from the really high-end criminal behavior all the way down to just individuals trying to be malicious,” he told reporters. Barry said authorities are prepared to respond to any further drone sightings and that “even shotguns would be available to officers should the opportunity present itself.”

The last drone was spotted Thursday at 10 p.m., a day after the sightings first began. The airport has reopened but is dealing with many delays.

Source: Police identify ‘persons of interest’ after drone disruption at Gatwick | UK news | The Guardian

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