2-Year-Old Boy “Castrated” After Mistake During Surgery 

At boy that was getting treatment at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children in the U.K. was accidentally “castrated” after surgeons made a mistake during his surgery.

The boy was being treated for an undescended testicle, a typically straightforward procedure that rarely exceeds 30 minutes. However, during the procedure, doctors inserted a camera into the wrong testicle, essentially rendering it useless.

Doctors came out to the boy’s parents after two and a half hours to notify them of the mistake. They told the parents that the boy’s healthy testicle would never work due to the error.

“I was very distressed, it was an awful disaster for a simple operation they destroyed everything and they ruined my son,” his father said, “They castrated him and now my son’s future life has dramatically changed.”

In a statement, University Hospitals Bristol apologized saying, “As soon as our staff members realized what had happened, they met with the family, told them what happened, and apologized again at that point,” a spokesperson said.

The hospital has launched an investigation into the incident.

Source: Boy, 2, ‘castrated’ after surgeons operate on wrong testicle – BBC News

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