Florida Man and Death Metal Guitarist Whose Rental Home Burned Down Owned Large Weapon Cache, Including Flamethrower; Warned Family Members of “The Rapture”

A Florida man has been arrested after police discovered a large weapons cache in his burnt down rental home.

Patrick O’Brien, lead guitarist for the death metal band Cannibal Corpse, called family members in the hours leading up to the fire, warning them of an impending Rapture and that the “aliens have landed.” The day after the fire, police searched the rubble and found a large weapons cache that contained two flamethrowers.

In addition to the flamethrowers, they found around 50 shotguns, 10 semiautomatic rifles, two Uzis, and 20 handguns. Police were called to the area after O’Brien reportedly broke into his neighbors house. While they arrested him, his home burst into flames.

After arriving on the scene, firefighters quickly withdrew from the home, as the flames were setting off the thousands of rounds of ammunition, stored in boxes, military-style metal cans, and even ammunition belts, that O’Brien had stockpiled.

Source: Tampa Bay Times

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