Student Forced to Abandon Pet Fish After Southwest Airlines Doesn’t Allow in Carry-On Bag

Lanice Powless was traveling home to California through Denver International Airport last week for the holidays. Before her purchasing her pet fish for her college dorm, Powless says she checked TSA to see if she could fly home with the fish. TSA policy allows live fish in carry-on bags. 

Powless said she and a friend were checking their bags for a flight home when a Southwest employee informed her the fish couldn’t fly. Powless said she wasn’t allowed to leave her fish at the counter until a friend could pick it up. “I ended up turning around and giving it to a lady behind me,” she said. TSA stopped the lady and would not let the fish pass through and Powless lost contact with the lady. “I don’t know where my fish is at. I don’t know if they allowed her to take it.”

Southwest Airlines said in a statement that they offered to re-book Powless on another flight but she refused. Powless disputes that statement. 

Source: College student: Southwest Airlines made me abandon pet fish at airport |

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