Florida Women Accused of Using a Drone to Drop Tobacco and Phones to an Inmate in Prison

A mother and daughter from Florida have been accused of using a drone to drop off tobacco and cell phones to an inmate inside of a prison.

Concetta Didiano, 22, and Cassandra Kerr, 40, reportedly drove near the prison, then flew a drone over the housing area. A corrections official noticed the drone, as well as a package inside the prison, and looked around for its source.

The two women were found in a black truck with the drone hovering over it. They quickly admitted to the drone delivery once officers said they found the package. Kerr and Didiano each were arrested on a charge of introducing a communication device into a correctional facility. Kerr also faces a charge of operating a drone inside a critical structure.

Source: Mother and daughter accused of using drone to drop off tobacco to inmate

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