Florida Man Catches Record 18-Foot Python During Operation to Reduce Invasive Species in the Florida Everglades

A man in Florida says that he has caught a Florida record 18-foot-long Burmese Python in the Florida Everglades.

John Hammond caught the snake Sunday while sweeping through the area with other catchers. He and around 50 others have been trying to clean up the Everglades for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Burmese Pythons are an invasive species that have run rampant throughout the ecosystem.

Hammond says that he struggled with the snake for around 30 minutes, with the python eventually releasing him. He then gathered the 150 pound animal and brought it back to be displayed at his store where he sells artifacts and various fossils.

Hammond and the other catchers have cleared thousands of pythons from the Everglades in the past 18 months.

Source: Man Catches Massive 18-foot Python in Everglades

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