Child Sex Assault Case Dropped After Prosecutor Shows up to Court Drunk

An Iowa child sex assault case has been dropped after the prosecutor showed up to court drunk.

Judge Marti Mertz issued the ruling after the defendant had been awaiting trial for a year since his arrest.The prosecutor’s unavailability at a recent hearing in the case was reportedly “the finale following unexplained periods of inactivity and lack of responsiveness.”

Clarke County Attorney Michelle Rivera was arrested in the courtroom for her intoxication. The defendant was expected to enter a new plea deal and be sentenced. He admitted to engaging in a sex act with a 13-year-old in August of 2017.

Clarke County prosecutors could attempt to file different charges or they could allow federal prosecutors to file their separate charges to get around the double-jeopardy protections that the man has now been given.

Source: Sex assault case dropped, judge cites drunken prosecutor

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