Florida Man Arrested Trying to Pay for McDonald’s Using Drugs

A Florida man was arrested after he reportedly tried to barter with a McDonald’s cashier to let him pay for his food using marijuana.

Anthony Gallagher reportedly came up to a drive-thru at the McDonald’s in Port St. Lucie. When advised of the cost of the food, he attempted to barter using some marijuana he had inside his car. After the employee declined, Gallagher reportedly drove off.

The store called police about the suspicious person, and while they were still there investigating, he returned to the restaurant. He was patted down, which revealed the drugs in a clear plastic bag. He also appeared to be under the influence, in addition to having pink eye.

Gallagher was arrested on charges of marijuana possession and driving under the influence.

Source: Man arrested for trying to trade pot for food at McDonald’s | Miami Herald

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