Woman Finds Amazon Package Delivery in Her Toilet

A Derbyshire, England, woman came home after taking her two children to see Christmas lights and received a message saying that her package had been delivered. Jade Elliott had ordered a Braun Thermoscan from Amazon. She came home to find a note saying that her package had been delivered through one of her windows but she couldn’t find it.

That was when she says she realized that the package had been put through an open frosted glass window and landed in her toilet. “Why would a driver decide to post it through a frosted glass window which obviously leads to a bathroom? “Luckily it wasn’t damaged but it was a bit wet. The packaging from Amazon was bigger than the box so it cushioned the blow.

Source: Hermes driver throws parcel through 26-year-old mother’s window and it falls into the TOILET  | Daily Mail Online

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