Grandmother Mistaken for Man Sent to All-Male Prison

A grandma was mistakenly sent to an all-male jail in Florida because staff mistook her as transgender. She is now suing over the incident, according to a report. Fior Pichardo de Veloz, 55, who works as a lawyer in the Dominican Republic, flew into Miami for her granddaughter’s birth in November 2013 and was arrested at the airport on old drug charges, according to a lawsuit.

During the booking, she was escorted to a medical unit for a checkup, where her file showed she was taking hormone pills, according to the court papers. A nurse assumed she was born a man and taking estrogen to grow breasts. She was actually undergoing hormone replacement therapy to help with symptoms of menopause, the court documents state. She was then placed in a holding cell with 40 men, some of who leered and laughed at her.

Source: Grandmother mistakenly booked into Florida jail as a man, report says |


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