Dog Survives After Getting Stuck in Grille of Car

A dog in Germany cheated death after it got stuck in the radiator grille of a car and stayed there in freezing temperatures for about 10 hours, local authorities said. A 59-year-old woman was driving to work Tuesday morning when she suddenly felt a blow to her car, police said in a statement.

She got out of her car but could not see anything because it was so dark. She thought nothing of it and continued to work, police said. When the driver left work later that day she heard a slight whimpering in the front of her car. She was shocked to discover a frightened dog stuck in her radiator grille. A video taken by emergency responders shows the dog wedged halfway inside the grille with his head and right paw sticking out.

Source: A Dog Was Hit By A Car And Stuck For Several Hours In The Plastic Radiator Grille


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