Minnesota Mother Charged With Giving 9-Month-Old Son Laxatives to Inflict Starvation

A 25-year-old woman in Minnesota was charged last week with one count of felony child endangerment that could result in substantial harm or death after it was discovered she allegedly gave her 9-month-old son laxatives to inflict starvation.

Authorities found that Megan Lee Kafer of Lewiston, Minnesota, had searched the web on her phone for ways to poison a baby, including “MiraLax overdose.” Hospital officials said they suspected foul play when the baby continued to be “emaciated,” despite doctors’ efforts to help the boy gain weight.

Medical staff monitored the mom interacting with her baby at the hospital with a hidden surveillance camera. The camera captured Kafer inject a substance into her son’s feeding tube with a syringe. It was determined that the substance was MiraLax.

Source: MN mother gave baby laxative in starvation attempt, charges say

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