BREAKING: Iran’s President Calls on Muslims to Unite Against US

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday asked for Muslims worldwide to unite in opposition to the United States. “Submitting to the West headed by America would be treason against our religion … and against the future generations of this region,” Rouhani told an international conference on Islamic unity in Tehran, Reuters reported. “We have a choice to either roll out red carpets for criminals or to forcefully stand against injustice and remain faithful to our Prophet, our Koran and our Islam,” he added.

“We are ready to defend the interests of the Saudi people against terrorism, aggression and the superpowers… and we don’t ask for $450 billion to do it,” Rouhani said during Saturday’s speech, referening the alleged arms deal between Americans and Saudis.

Source: Iran’s Rouhani calls for Muslims to unite against United States | Reuters

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